Seasonal theme has always been a popular topic among artists in the past and present in East Asia in particular, as it signifies the wisdom of life and connection with nature in Buddhism and Shinto. Every season has its own climatic characteristics and representative flowers to reflect and match their unique characters. This awareness has manifested and inspired the creation of this original series.

In this sensational series, By Leona aims to depict the passage of time and the inevitability of change through images of flower blossoms from all year round. Several floral patterns with extraordinary qualities and values are handpicked to be portrayed in the products, they are then mixed and matched to exhibit a signature style only found in By Leona.

Spring is associated with the beginning of life and time of renewal, the glorious sakura blossom takes the season to its climax due to its brilliance and power. It also brings people together and strengthens friendships through hanami or flower viewing tradition. As the bloom is short-lived, it is also an excellent metaphor for ephemeral beauty and human existence to cherish the moment.

Peony blooms in late Spring and early Summer and is the epitome of elegance and grace that is often found in Chinese and Japanese arts. The coming of Autumn is celebrated by red leaves and rough chrysanthemums which express the resilience of life. Camellia or “Tsubaki” is one of the unique flowers that blooms in Winter, it symbolizes the divine in Japan and the younger generation in China which carries hope and goodwill. A deliberate selection of these multi-seasonal flowers succeeds in linking the nature to the positivity of human life.