The iconic symbol for longevity and fortune “cranes” and the auspicious and prosperous “waves” are the key design themes in this series. The approach is to combine two well-known Japanese cultural elements together to create the work of art that expresses auspiciousness, wisdom, elegance and happiness spiritually. These original works all carry a distinct style and aura that can only be found in By Leona.

Cranes are common symbols and themes in the folklore of East Asia. The crane or tsuru is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. As such, in Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture, cranes represent not only good fortune but also longevity.  In addition, the Japanese refer to the crane as the “bird of happiness”.  As cranes are monogamous, they are often used in wedding decor and embroidered in formal wedding costumes in Japan.

While in Chinese mythology, the deities and immortals are often portrayed to fly and travel from one place to another by riding cranes.  The soaring spirits and physical beauty of cranes also show an abundance of grace and elegance.

The common scenery of ocean and rivers across Japan have inspired an extensive amount of arts depicting waves and streams of water flow. Waves are visually represented in different forms of speed and intensity to express different qualities of emotions such as happiness, elegance and endurance. By Leona has carefully matched a selection of waveforms with cranes to convey the messages of hope and good wishes.