Folding fans are commonly seen across ancient Japan, China and Korea, not only because of their functionalities to keep people cool but as important traditional cultural elements that signify wealth and prosperity. Lucky charms exist in many forms but they all have one purpose, and that is to bring luck and blessings. Through brilliantly combining these two auspicious items, this signature series shows a unique interpretation of reviving these traditional art forms only seen in By Leona.

In East Asia, fans were used in various societal and religious ceremonies on the belief of their abilities to keep evil away. Folding fans or Oogi in Japanese are made of narrow wooden or bamboo strips with paper or silk attached between them. These foldable fans are also symbols of prosperity derived from their openings when in use. The colours and images on the fans also have different meanings, for instance, red and white express luck while gold is associated with accumulation of wealth. By Leona has taken full advantage of utilizing these colour themes in this product series.

Lucky charms are objects that contain blessings and powers of protection which are deep rooted and supported by underlying religious beliefs. They take many forms and shapes and some of the traditional ones are bells, precious scrolls, treasure keys, talismans, etc which appear in many ancient East Asian folk tales symbolizing health and longevity. Complementing fans with these lucky charms, By Leona has created an extraordinary series with an abundance of luck and prosperity.